DATE: June 13, 2023

TIME: 6:30pm

LOCATION:  Basils Restaurant, 43 Frairy Street,  Medfield

MEMO is hosting its first open house dinner for non-member businesses as well as existing business members.  The recent board and new board has decided to embark on a new path to focus on prioritizing existing business members more than it has ever in the recent past.  Our goal is to promote member businesses in the Medfield community and to drive customers to our members.

Please come and meet existing members and listen to our path for the future of MEMO and its members.

Our new Deputy Police Chief, Barry McGrath, will be attending to speak to our group.  Please help us welcome him to our community.

Some of the recent discussions/decisions:

Recent changes to focus on our business members:

  • Medfield Day – free booth to paid members
  • Medfield Day – large banners highlighting business member names/logos
  • Summer Concerts – banners highlighting business member names/logos
  • Summer Concerts – MEMO member food truck/cart vendors will be at some of the concerts
  • Paid/non-paid guest speakers
  • New website being created for better interaction between members and the community and with our social media accounts

On-going Discussions at Board Level

  • Spotlights on member businesses
  • Newspaper ads featuring members names/logs
  • Social media feeds
    • FB
  • Instagram
  • Website
  • Promoting member business coupons, cost savings to other member businesses