Welcome to M.E.M.O.

Medfield MemoThe Medfield Employers and Merchants Organization, Inc. (M.E.M.O.) was organized in 1979, incorporated in 1991, and is comprised of over seventy local businesses. Monthly dinner meetings are held on the 2nd Monday or Thursday of each month.

M.E.M.O.’s mission is to:
• Initiate, sponsor, support and promote such programs, projects or activities as provide educational, public relations, and marketing opportunities for its member businesses.
• Enhance and improve the general business environment within the Town of Medfield.
• Benefit the Town of Medfield, its public institutions including schools, library, and public areas, or its residents including students, the elderly, and handicapped and economically deprived.

M.E.M.O. Board of Directors 2023-2024
President – Greg Testa (Hurley-Testa Construction)
Vice President – Maria Piedra (Butterfly Tree Gift & Clothing Boutique)
Treasurer – Russ Hallisey (Hallisey Law Office)
Director – Alison Brown (Alison Brown Properties)
Director – Bill Gallagher (GuysTough.com)
Director – Amanda Mulhall (Mulhall Withrow, PLLC)
Director – Marjorie Cappucci (Needham Bank)
Director – Jennifer Cox (MDA Studios)
Director – Karen Smith (Fomoflowers, Inc.)

Medfield Park & Rec Disc Golf Advertising Offer

To all MEMO member businesses:
The park and rec department in Medfield is trying to build a disc golf course down near the sledding hill on Hospital Road. They presented what they were going to do at our general meeting today. The following is a link to the presentation that they’ve been using with the town. The reason they came to our general meeting Tuesday night is that they are opening up their advertising at the Tees to Medfield MEMO  businesses first. If you would like to advertise, please let us know by replying back to inquiries@medfieldmemo.org. Stay tuned for more information as it comes in. I think this is a great opportunity for MEMO businesses to get their names out there. Right now the cost will either be zero dollars or very close to that. 
Thank you,
Greg Testa
Hurley-Testa Construction Co, Inc.
PO Box 615
Medfield, MA 02052
tel 508-359-8720
cell 508-333-7923



DATE: June 13, 2023

TIME: 6:30pm

LOCATION:  Basils Restaurant, 43 Frairy Street,  Medfield

MEMO is hosting its first open house dinner for non-member businesses as well as existing business members.  The recent board and new board has decided to embark on a new path to focus on prioritizing existing business members more than it has ever in the recent past.  Our goal is to promote member businesses in the Medfield community and to drive customers to our members.

Please come and meet existing members and listen to our path for the future of MEMO and its members.

Our new Deputy Police Chief, Barry McGrath, will be attending to speak to our group.  Please help us welcome him to our community.

Some of the recent discussions/decisions:

Recent changes to focus on our business members:

  • Medfield Day – free booth to paid members
  • Medfield Day – large banners highlighting business member names/logos
  • Summer Concerts – banners highlighting business member names/logos
  • Summer Concerts – MEMO member food truck/cart vendors will be at some of the concerts
  • Paid/non-paid guest speakers
  • New website being created for better interaction between members and the community and with our social media accounts

On-going Discussions at Board Level

  • Spotlights on member businesses
  • Newspaper ads featuring members names/logs
  • Social media feeds
    • FB
  • Instagram
  • Website
  • Promoting member business coupons, cost savings to other member businesses

A Note from our 2022-2023 MEMO President

Thank you to the MEMO Board of Directors for 2022-2023! It is clear that you are a dedicated and talented group of individuals who are committed to making a difference in the community and strengthening their businesses.

My thanks go to:

Vice President – Maria Piedra (Butterfly Tree Gift & Clothing Boutique)

Treasurer – Russ Hallisey (Hallisey Law Office)

Director – Jennifer Bradbury (Jennifer Bradbury, Realtor)

Director – Darrah O’Connor (Holistic Wellness Center)

Director – Kathleen Kelley (Jack Conway, Realtor – Medfield)

Director – Marjorie Cappucci (Needham Bank)

Director – Jennifer Cox (MDA Studios)

Director – Greg Testa (Hurley-Testa Construction)

I am particularly impressed by the diversity of your backgrounds and experiences. This diversity will be essential to the success of MEMO in the years to come.

I am confident that you will continue to build on the successes of MEMO and that you will make a positive impact on the lives of many people. It has been an honor to serve with you.

A special thank you to our event Chairs and to our many volunteers. You make MEMO a special organization. And to our upcoming BOD – congratulations and best wishes for the 2023-2024 term.

I wish you all the best,

Alison Brown (Alison Brown Properties), MEMO President 2022-2023

Discover Medfield Day 2021 Booth Award Winners

Russ Hallisey, Chair of MEMO’s Discover Medfield Day, has announced the following Booth Awards:

Best Booth – best decorated along this year’s theme of the event “Welcome Back – A Community Celebration” – the winner was MEMO Member Beginning Years Child Development

Most Informative Booth – best decorated to visually describe what that exhibitor is all about – the winner was Life’s a Pooch

Both booths receive a free booth at next year’s Discover Medfield Day.

Congratulations to the winners!

Gnome Hunt

See if you can find all the Gnomes! May 31, 2021 – June 13, 2021. Remember to take a photo with the Gnomes and post it to Facebook or Instagram with #MEMOGNOME for your chance to win your very own Medfield Gnome. Here is the list of businesses with a Gnome poster.

Participating MEMO Businesses

7th Wave:  120 North Meadows Rd.
A.J. Bonoldi CPA:  266 Main St. #3
A&D Appliance Center:  501R Main St.
Alison Brown Properties – Coldwell Banker:  51 Orchard St.
Be Charmed:  70 North St.
BeautoxEtc:  445 Main St.
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Page Realty:  489 Main St.
Brother’s Marketplace:  446 Main St.
Butterfly Tree Boutique:  505 Main St.
Electric Time Company Inc.:  97 West St.
Holistic Wellness Center & Gift Emporium:  18 North Meadows Rd. #12B
Hometown Weekly:  120 North Meadows Rd.
Hurley Testa Construction Company:  2A North St.
Jack Conway:  2 North St.
Jings Garden:  16 North Meadows Rd.
Lovells: 160 Main St.
MDA Studios:  45 West St. #3
Medfield Smiles:  16 Park St.
Medfield TV:  18 North Meadows Rd
Medfield Village Cleaners:  8C North Meadows Rd.
Needham Bank:  520 Main St.
Randy’s Automotive Service:  26 Spring St.
Rockland Trust:  76 North St.
Royal Pizza:  483 Main St.
Starr and Glick Orthodontist: 16 Park St.
The Arranged Life:  70 North St.
The Chop Shop: 32 Park St.
The Goddard School: 90 North Meadows Rd.
The Hot Dog Wagon:  75 West St.
West Street Vet:  45 West St. #2
William Raveis Delta Realtors: 503 Main St.

Listing by Street

On Main Street:
Lovells: 160 Main St.
A.J. Bonoldi CPA: 266 Main St. #3
BeautoxEtc: 445 Main St.
Brother’s Marketplace: 446 Main St.
Royal Pizza: 483 Main St.
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Page Realty: 489 Main St.
A&D Appliance Center: 501R Main St.
Butterfly Tree Boutique: 505 Main St.
William Raveis Delta Realtors: 503 Main St.
Unique Homes, 503 Main St.
Needham Bank: 520 Main St.

On North Street:
Hurley Testa Construction Company: 2A North St.
Jack Conway: 2 North St.
Be Charmed: 70 North St.
The Arranged Life: 70 North St.
Rockland Trust: 76 North St

On North Meadows Road/Route 27:
Randy’s Automotive Service: 26 Spring St./Rt. 27
Medfield Village Cleaners: 8C North Meadows Rd
Jings Garden: 16 North Meadows Rd.
Holistic Wellness Center & Gift Emporium: 18 North Meadows Rd. #12B
Medfield TV: 18 North Meadows Rd
The Goddard School: 90 North Meadows Rd.
7th Wave: 120 North Meadows Rd.
Hometown Weekly: 120 North Meadows Rd.

On West Street:
MDA Studios: 45 West Street
West Street Vet, 45 West Street, #2
The Hot Dog Wagon, 75 West Street
Electric Time Company, 97 West Street

On Park Street:
Starr and Glick Orthodontist: 16 Park St.
Medfield Smiles: 16 Park St.
The Chop Shop: 32 Park St.

On Orchard Street:
Alison Brown Properties – Coldwell Banker: 51 Orchard St.

Santa’s Spectacular Medfield Sleigh Ride

The elves at MEMO, the Medfield Merchants and Employers Organization, have been very busy getting ready for the arrival of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus! Santa will be visiting the Medfield neighborhoods courtesy of MEMO, Fire Chief Carrico and the Medfield Fire Department.

Santa’s special fire engine sleigh will be visiting Medfield on Saturday, December 12th, starting at 1:00pm. The sleigh will receive a police escort by our own Police Chief Guerette. We encourage you to wave to Santa and Mrs. Claus, jingle bells if you have them, and generally just have fun! Be safe – wear masks if you’re near your neighbors. The MEMO parade might be cancelled but that hasn’t stopped Santa from paying us a visit! The fun starts at 1:00pm on Saturday, December 12th from the Medfield Public Safety Building. The sleigh will take this route on it’s spectacular journey.

Please contact MEMO Chair-Elf Alison Brown of Coldwell Banker Realty with any questions: Alison.Brown@nemoves.com